Samyang 85mm 1.2 XPremium REVIEW


Over the past month I have had the opportunity to test the Samyang 85mm 1.2 lens from the Premium series.
is one of 5 lenses of the series in which
Samyang focuses on the highest optical quality, apart from the 85 focal length, there are 10, mm 3.5, 35mm 1.2, 50mm 1.2, 14mmm 2.4 lenses
As I am a fan of low apertures I was very happy that I could test it with my Canon EOS R
. This line is designed to handle 50 mpx and 8k filming. This month I wanted to check it in all circumstances.
Although hearing the 85 focal length combined with a value of one 1.2 the conclusion is clear – portraits.


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ISO100  f 1.2  1/1000 sec

Let’s start by making the lens consists of 10 Elements in 7 Groups and has 9 diaphragm blades weighing 1,050g and filter size 86 and the aperture can be closed down to f16
The lens is built like a tank, decent production is a showcase of the Premium lines of these manual lenses, the ring has a very wide range so it is possible to focus precisely on 1.2 it comes with nice resistance, thanks to which the focus does not escape and the ring shows a red strip which is characteristic of the
Samyang lenses. It is heavy like any of the lenses in this series, however quality comes with weight. Look at this giant element from the back.



The lenshood and lens are designed so that they can be used together all the time, thanks to which you can limit solar flares and thanks to this combination the lens looks simply amazing, I tested many lenses in my life but this one looks the most interesting, it’s a small accent that is not the most important but it’s nice that it is.

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ISO 200 f 1.2 1/4000 sec

Let’s get through to the most interesting thing, i.e. sharpness at low apertures and I have to say immediately that I was knocked down by the XP, I haven’t had the opportunity to test the lens which was so sharp when fully open. The lens designed for portraits with such great results is a gold. On stopping down to 2.8 it gets even sharper from edge to edge. Comparing it to the system glass with a slightly higher aperture it falls out more than good.



King of Bookeh?

Thinking about 1.2, he sees a beautifully blurred background, how is it?
Samyang 85mm  F1.2, according to me, blurs insanely, adding to the front blur the photos look like a fairy tale thanks to the 9 aperture in combination with such a large relative aperture. It’s hard to want more from a portrait lens but of course sometimes it’s hard to hit on 1.2 you have to come to terms with so wide aparture.



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ISO100  f1.2  1/1000 sec

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ISO 100 f1.2 1/4000o

Chromatic aberration / Coma
In such constructions it is different with chromatic aberration at low apertures, however, it occurs in very small amounts, especially when it compares it with the competition in which we have more at higher apertures. Coma also hardly ever occurs. However, I expected such performance from the premium design.

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ISO 400  f1.4 1/4000 sec

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ISO 100 f1.2 1/5000 sec

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ISO 100 f1.2 1/3200 sec

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ISO 200  f1.2  1/4000 sec

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ISO 200 f1.4 1/4000 sec

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ISO 400 f1.2 1/500

ISO 100  f 1.2  1/8000 sec

It is practically gone as constructions with such focal lengths are practically free from this problem.

The lens, however, like everyone is not without flaws, such as the lack of autofocus or weight, and how to think about taking it, e.g. for a wedding, it could be hard, but when I think that I could make at least one portrait with this lens, then I know that I can wear it all day all day. Although there is no af and weight is the only thing you can attach to.

Thee color contrast is amazing, and some photos don’t need editing to look just great.

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ISO 200  f 1.2  1/640sec

You can say that this is specialized equipment not for everything, if you have time to use it you will be delighted with the effects, great workmanship has made it become my favorite lens, although not the most used. However, as always in photography, the effect counts.
I recommend it to everyone who takes portraits and food/production photos because in these areas he is irreplaceable
and just insane lens with amazing bookeh.

I am very happy that Samyang creates its line of Premium Lenses that are designed for specific thing, that you can expect amazing effects. That’s how good company works on it’s name.



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