Samyang 85 1.4 RF

My name is Kajetan and I am a photographer and a filmmaker and gear fanatic that I could talk about for hours,


When samyang offered to test the lenses, I wanted to take him with me to various places to test he would be able to handle the photography I’m used to, as the wedding season hasn’t started yet. The morning in the nearby woods was the perfect opportunity for the first tests, as the first snow was to fall, I knew it would be a perfect opportunity to catch it in bokeh. Thanks to that I will get a great effect. After an early wake-up and morning coffee, I went with my friend to the forest where we had a small challenge in which he used almost the entire focal range from 18mm to 200mm and I focused on 85, it is one of my favorite focal lengths.


Getting up in the morning for photos is probably the best start of the day, a fresh look at everything about reset is very useful. Already after 30 minutes it started to snow in the forest but I knew that I had to find a place close to the path so that the branches on which snow is falling will be well lit by cloudy weather which will make a great softbox. After a few attempts, I was able to take a frame which I am very happy with, I captured exactly how I wanted the snow in the bokeh on 1.4 looks great

Unfortunately, the snow stopped falling quickly, so it’s quiet that I managed to implement the plan. And for the rest of the walk, I didn’t have to feel the pressure or the disadvantage that would surely stay if I missed that short window. I am also happy with the other frames, but the idea with snow was the initiator of this particular exit.



Another opportunity turned out to be a survival trip to the mountains with a group of friends advanced in the field, unfortunately we arrived at the place practically before sunset and we had to hurry and the idea of ​​climbing the cross made it even more difficult. However, it was an amazing adventure.



To bring the objections to the limit even more, I took him to a hazy city that sparkled with colors, the temperature was -7 and people hurried to their duties, you can calm this temperature for photos. The fog also gives the city an atmosphere as everything becomes much more mysterious and each street or building has more history.

My favorite method of testing the lens to take to extreme conditions where in these times when the equipment is almost great you can really see the advantage of one over the other, the Samyang 85 turned out to be the perfect choice thanks to the 1.4 light I could easily go down to 1/160 sec to keep the rule exposure time without going to high ISO so I could concentrate on looking for frames and not combining how to get a great quality picture.This lens did it for me, a lot of people paid attention to the 85rf camera it looks great with Canon eos r soon the next adventure is coming and there will definitely be 85 rv lenses, one lenses that you simply need to have, such as a 35 mm lens and practicality, such a focal length with such a light will always be useful under all conditions

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